Maria Sammartino

Maria Sammartino has been painting and exhibiting her work for many years. Born in Philadelphia with a strong family background of artists, Maria spent many years creating art, but didn’t take herself seriously until having to give up her career in ophthalmology after being diagnosed with MS (multiple sclerosis). 
Unable to continue working, she found herself immersed in painting, writing, and editing. Maria has been a featured artist in local South Jersey and Philadelphia juried shows and exhibitions including the Perkins Center for the Arts, and the Medford Art Center.  Past shows include monthly exhibits at both The Cherry Hill and Burlington County library galleries, where she has a permanent exhibition. Maria is a member of The Plastic Club in Philadelphia, and has won an award for her painting titled "Breakthrough." 
Maria presents the viewer with a challenge in self-described “imagined landscapes” that often defy rules of perspective and dimension. Her body of work is full of many different styles, and that is part of what makes them so original. Each painting is different from the next, and not easily described as “abstract” or “landscape” but both at the same time. She mixes her vibrant palette in what seems to be endless layers and texture, challenging the viewer to label or describe them easily.

Maria's work was awarded special recognition in the Light, Space and Time Online Gallery
Maria's painting "Birch in Abstract" is featured in the you tube video attached below ((@ 6:24 in the 12 minute video))

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